About Me

I am a creative, health conscious, quirky educator with a zest for life. I prefer rivers to the sea, love bush and forests and derive great enjoyment from driving. I am deeply saddened by the greed which has taken away our focus from respecting all living things and honouring the resources of our planet.



Difficult to narrow down my many passions. To name a few, I have a deep love of nature; I have always been strongly drawn to the moon; my interest in the Arts has been with me from a very young age; I love all animals but am particularly passionate about cats, horses and zebras.



I love nature and find it particularly peaceful and creatively inspiring. Walking in the natural environment is soothing for my soul. Animals and birds are also the basis of many of my poems as is the moon. Being a visual person, my inspiration can flow into poetic form from images which is greatly satisfying.



I have had a passion for writing poems since my mid teens which fell by the wayside for a period of time with the odd poem penned despite a hectic life. Fortunately I am now in a position where I can devote more time to writing ~ a pastime I find most soothing and rewarding.


My Poetry

I tend to write short poems directly in Twitter which I later update to my blog. I love the bursts of inspiration which can be quickly recorded using this method. At other times creativity lends itself to longer poems and my blog makes it easier to record these. Many of my poems are nature based or inspired by Shamanism. More recently, some of my writings have ventured into erotic poetry and verse. As a creative being, my tastes are eclectic.

My Photography

I have been interested in photography since my teens but have not had much opportunity to explore this hobby until more recent years. Some of my photos inspire my poems and I now have a website showcasing my photos called Brenda Aksionov Photography. Images can be shared on social media and can be purchased for download (without my watermark).

My Spirituality

In my early life I was brought up within a specific religion by my parents but thankfully not strictly so. It did instil a belief in spirits and blessings but not to the point where religion dictated my life. Having been dissatisfied with religious ideology for some time, my interest is in shamanism ~ the world’s oldest spirituality. The spiritual practice of Shamanism is rooted in nature which enables us to strengthen our connection with the natural environment we live in. My strong love of nature makes even more sense to me now.



Social Media

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