Newborn baby holding mother's hand


A loving touch
a warm embrace
strong sensations
a moments rest.

Hearts pounding
the hours long,
trying to focus
energy gone.

Lack of control.

Time drifts on
in a spiraling swirl
of voices
and feelings
and pushing galore.

No closer.
No further
than before.

So sweet darling,
as dignity fades,
a sudden appearance
of our long awaited babe.

Emotions burst forth
and tears of joy
override this precious moment
with the birth of our boy.

© Brenda Aksionov 1995

Brenda Aksionov

Creative, health conscious, quirky educator with zest for life, a love of Nature, Shamanism, the Moon, Poetry, the Arts, and a passion for Felines, Equines and Zebras.

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