Nurse Holding Syringe by marin

Invisible Walls

A warm yet detached smile.
A tender yet cold touch.
So near and yet so far.
from the problem.
Just lending a sterile hand
to responsibilities so great.
of having to remain aloof.
Strangers become patients
remain strangers
draining you ~
of attention
and love
and emotion
until there is nothing
but a stone cold shell of a person
in a stiff uniform
mechanically dutiful.
Exigency of life
so fragile
you wish you were dead.
Exhaustingly exhilarating.
Still coping with the demands
never quite losing touch
with reality.

© Brenda Aksionov 1979

[Image courtesy of marin /]

Brenda Aksionov

Creative, health conscious, quirky educator with zest for life, a love of Nature, Shamanism, the Moon, Poetry, the Arts, and a passion for Felines, Equines and Zebras.

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