Inside Of Inside

Tormented Souls

Complex person.

Abstract thought makes sense

to rare few.

Perceptive minds

unravel the mystery.

Life ~

complicated and unpredictable.

So far away.

Just out of reach.

Souls yearning.

World spinning uncontrollably.

Or is it?

Just you and me?


Drifting forever in a maze of fate

never drifting apart.

Just out of reach

never quite touching.

Strained emotions

infinitely unsettled.

Circumstances unyielding.

Complex people.

© Brenda Aksionov 1978

Brenda Aksionov

Creative, health conscious, quirky educator with zest for life, a love of Nature, Shamanism, the Moon, Poetry, the Arts, and a passion for Felines, Equines and Zebras.

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