Color Full Glass

Translucent Journey

Immortal pain
so deep
and unpredictably violent
stabs the soul
inflicts the body ~
limb to limb
muscle to muscle
bone to bone.
The threads unwilling
to give way.
in silent attitude
fighting against
disintegrating strength
and mere helplessness.
Ultimate pressure
unmercifully tautens
all rational moves
with insensitivity.
The mind stands
before Fate
innocent and confused
yet accepting decimation
as the only
possible path.
Futile existence
losing all grasp
of the complex thoughts
rarely perceived in society
to support
the fragile body
of subtlety
any longer.
amongst the oblivious
struggling for sympathy
from the masses
so often misunderstood
until eternal peace
becomes strangely inviting.

© Brenda Aksionov 1981

Brenda Aksionov

Creative, health conscious, quirky educator with zest for life, a love of Nature, Shamanism, the Moon, Poetry, the Arts, and a passion for Felines, Equines and Zebras.

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