Poem Images

Some clarification in terms of why some images with some poems have credit to their artist or photographer and others don’t.

Many of the images accompanying my poems are free stock photos (some I have paid for) and these do not require credit to the artist or photographer. These images either inspired my poems or I found a stock image which complimented a poem I had already written.

When my poems have been inspired directly by a specific work by an artist or photographer, I seek their permission to use their artwork to accompany my poem. In these cases, due credit is always given to the artist or photographer with a link to their website or other relevant public profile of their choosing.

I am humbly grateful for the generosity of the many photographers and artists who have so graciously given me permission to use their beautiful creations in this manner.

Then there are the photos I have taken myself. Many of these are showcased on my photography website. These have a purchase link beneath the poem which will take you directly to that photo on my other website.

Some of the photos I take myself are not of high enough quality on a large scale to display on my photography website, let alone to buy. They are however, of good enough quality to use with my poems and are appropriately and permanently watermarked. These photos do not have an option to purchase.