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My Beautiful Nephew

RIP † GARY My 43 year old nephew a big kid at heart, embraced life with gusto right from the start. His huge grin drew you in with genuine affection, his love wrapped around you without deception. A beautiful soul who’d always lend a hand, no matter how difficult, he’d be ready to stand by his […]

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My Partisan Dad

My Dad’s light is burning bright in heaven now with Mum, his last few breaths kissed goodbye to the physical life he clung. To come from a war torn country on the other side of the globe and make a new home for his family using his skills for a worthy job. There was nothing […]

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Ode to 60 Years of Marriage

Twenty five years have been and gone, Then fifty came around. Now it’s sixty years of true devotion, An achievement to be proud! We look back in admiration, Of the losses you had to bear, As you parted from friends and family, For a better life elsewhere. Arriving in Australia, To a culture of carefree […]

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